Inspired by vintage jewelry from the 1930's through the 1950's I try to create designs that have balance and elegance, with a high visibility that gets attention. Bringing 30+ years of metalurgy experience to my work provides superior craftmanship to all my pieces. Only the finest material is used for all my designs. All designs are made heavy brass settings from Germany and I use K9 Crystals which are a true lead free crystal and not chinese cut glass. I also use Swarovski and Precioscia crystals in my designs. All Swarvoski stones are availble upon request for an additional charge. All my designs are plated in Rhodium or Black Nickel. Silver and Gold plating is available for an additional charge.

I enjoy working with people on custom designs, and offer CAD services so that you can see the finished design before the actual work begins. This means I can take a hand drawing from someone and create a drawing of what the actual stones will look like. This allows for design changes to be made, and seen, without the delays of assembling and disassembling the actual pieces. CAD designs can be printed on 1:1 basis, allowing for a complete visualation of what the finished design will look like.

I'm also very happy to offer repair and restoration work. Quality jewelry can be an invenstment. Many pieces may need some repair work through the years. Stones may also become "burned out". This is all very common, especially with jewelry that is worn frequently by performers. I've restored jewelry that seemed like it was beyond repair. When that favorite piece finally does reach it's end of life, I can reproduce it so that favorite sparklie can continue to be the favorite.
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